Sunday, April 20, 2008

Who is reading this Blog?

Whatever we do or say, it will not bring our loved ones back home. They will choose the time to leave the group. The light will shine on their situation eventually. This is the light we are waiting for. Once they choose to leave, we will be there to help them, in any way they want.

The online posts, the websites and countless letters and phone calls help us to not feel helpless.
It's like watching someone drowning in shallow waters. We are standing beside them, within arms reach, watching their souls slowly leaving their body......

All we can do is help "new" people to not commit to such a mind altering process.

Any negativity that is said against "The Process" is being used by Geis to retreat his followers even deeper into "The Process" which will defend itself by demonising us - it's tragic that a group that is so abusive, sexually and mentally, falsely accuses concerned parents of such behaviour, which is actually a very typical knee jerk reaction.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

How Children In Cults May Use Emancipation Laws To Free Themselves

“The author examines how children who are born into cults or brought into them at a young age can use state emancipation laws to gain independence when they are in their mid-teens, so long as they can demonstrate criteria that their states have established.

Commonly, states require a showing that the minor has achieved some level of economic self-sufficiency and can live emotionally and physically independently from his or her parents. There are some difficulties for cultic children in demonstrating these criteria, but the obstacles are not insurmountable. “

Used with permission from Executive Director Michael D. Langone, Ph.D., ICSA (International Cultic Studies Association)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

You are resilient and smart

One thing a cult leader does is rob cult members of the ability to make decisions. Once the member buys into the hope or goals of the cult, cult leaders instilling fear in them, provide some sense of security for them, and demonizing others (thus making the cult leader the primary influence in the member's life). People end up psychologically dependent upon the cult.

The good news is that people are resilient and smart. They can join a cult leader and believe in the cult message, but over time the cult's inability to deliver what it promises causes the member to question the cult's premises. Once the questioning begins, the member is often on the way out of the cult.

However, what can happen is that the cult leader can get wind of the questioning and perform an "intervention" of his own. This could include saying the group is "changing," that the member has the criticisms wrong or isn't advanced enough to get it, claim that even if the system isn't perfect there is no better alternative, claim that it would be a shame to leave now because the member is so close to a breakthrough, etc.

Analyze facts, information and experiences to make decisions, dont rely on your Mentor.

You have been taken advantage of and manipulated by cult leader Wayne Allen Geis.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Even though there may be times when families may feel justifiably helpless, their situation is rarely hopeless

“Even though there may be times when families may feel justifiably helpless, their situation is rarely hopeless.
So many factors influence a person’s relationship to a group that even those of us who have worked in this field for years regularly encounter pleasant surprises. So don't give up hope.

Beneficial changes in your loved one may occur because of events that have nothing to do with your actions (e.g., a growing disillusionment with the group; an accumulation of small grievances against leaders; dissension within the group). Some group members achieve enough independence from their group to maintain or reestablish a respectful and loving relationship with their family, even though they may remain group members. Remember, people are different and will respond in different ways to the same group environment, which itself can change over time.”

this was taken with permission from the ICSA (International Cultic Studies Association) website. Please click the link in the subject line to read the full report. It is very helpful.

Monday, March 3, 2008


Cult involvement is perhaps best seen as similar to an addictive drug.

On the one hand, it can provide ecstatic highs, feelings of well-being orboosts in confidence.
On the other, it can lead to a total dependence, so that it is focused on at the expense of one's family, friends, job, or health. Like drug addicts, cult members can end up giving all their money to fund their search for the next peak experience. If they get very deeply involved, they can, in effect, give up their moral and intellectual judgements in favour of a blind acceptance of what the cult dictates.

Please click the link in the subject line to read the full story. It is excellent help for those affected.

Ramtha related info regarding Micael Ledwith and Wayne Allen Geis

FTC investigation into Mary Redhead who is believed to be an RSE student and self described psychic who assisted Knight in the early days of the group. Redhead was marketing some sort of algae powder to cure AIDS.

Another post summarized RSE student Carol Lawson's investigation by the State of Washington for securities violations.

A third post summarized the investigation of Miceal Ledwith who was formerly the President of Maynooth Seminary and was identified as a candidate for the Bishop of Ferns. Ledwith left Maynooth quickly and quietly. He later turned up at Ramtha's School of Enlightenment where he is authorized by Knight to conduct teachings. Ledwith is alleged to have engaged in various forms of sexual abuse with minors while at Maynooth. His activities are under investigation.

Members of RSE have been investigated by the state of Washington for security infractions, by the FTC for fraud (Knight, Redhead, Magno, Lawson). Members of RSE have been implicated in alleged sexual violence, (Ledwith, Wayne Allen Geis and Ruth Beverly Martin.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Wayen Allen Geis Process

Your capacity for independent critical thinking has been assaulted and diminished.

An excellent way to enhance your capacity for critical thinking is to talk to former members from the Wayne Allen Process.

Contact me for more Info! Please!